Pitch Wars!


I’m really excited to be taking part in Pitch Wars this year! There’s such a great range of mentors/agents taking part this year, which is frankly Quite Intimidating, but also Really, Really Awesome. Thank you so much to the mentors for volunteering their time!

A list of random Tara tidbits:

– I’m a Northern California native who likes her burritos with extra guacamole

– I am half Indian, which means I can get Indian food whenever I want

– I am a Disney nut

– Cake is the best (that’s not really a tidbit, more of a fact of life)

– I can and will get into passionate debates about any and all of your fandoms


Okay, gifs aside, I’ve been (“seriously”) writing for over ten years now, and the amazing thing about writing is that every year you can see yourself improving. It’s such an ever-evolving beast. That being said, I’ve embarked on quite a few writing projects over the years, but for Pitch Wars I’m focusing on my most current project, which is:


TIMEKEEPER – A young adult historical novel set in an alternate steampunk Victorian England, where clocks control time and clock mechanics (like my MC) are in charge of keeping them running.

I’m really, really, really passionate about diversity in books, especially young adult books, so I’m proud to say that my main character is gay. And may or may not fall in love with another boy. Who may or may not be entirely human. *cough*

A little about my work ethic:

When I tell people my daily schedule, they look at my like I’m nuts. I work full-time in a law firm, which can be pretty draining, and then I go home and spend maybe 3+ hours writing/editing. And when the weekend rolls around, I’ve been known to spend 5+ hours each day working on whatever project I’m currently slapping together.

I go out of my way to demand bully politely ask beta readers to give me feedback on my work. I am not a stranger to harsh critique (although I may need large quantities of chocolate afterwards). I believe honest, thoughtful critique is imperative to bringing your writing to the next level, so I never shirk away from it.

So, in other words, I’m in it to win it.

Thanks again to the mentors, and good luck to everyone! We are awesome!

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What Makes Us Girls

Maddie couldn’t complain about the world spinning; she had relinquished that right after her third fireball. The cinnamon still burned in her throat, hot and sweet. Clumsily she applied a liberal dose of lip gloss and ended up making her chin smell like strawberries.


Cassidy was in another world altogether. That one must have been spinning too, because she was swaying on her bare feet, holding her high heels by their straps in one hand. The other hand drifted through the air, tracing invisible words.

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