The One Where I Get A Book Deal

One night, October 2013, I wrote four words. It was a very simple line, but I sat back and stared at it for a while:

“Two o’clock was missing.”

“Huh,” I said.

I wrote a lot more words after those ones. Soon, I had an exceptionally rough draft of a book. This process wasn’t new to me; I had written a dozen books before this one, ever since writing my first (very long, very bad) novel at 15.

But this was different.



First, it was YA, and I was used to writing adult. Second, it was historical fantasy, not high fantasy. I really had no idea what I was doing, but I was writing about boys and clocks and depression and how it’s possible to regain lost hope—and it weaved a spell over me.

I’ve been through a lot of highs and lows with this book. I loved it. I hated it. I dreamed about it. I shoved it into a corner. I revised and revised and revised and revised.

I wrote two more books, turning it into a trilogy.

“What the hell am I doing?” I asked myself. “Why am I making this harder?”


Tom Hiddleston Shocked animated GIF


It had branded itself on me. These books, these characters, refused to let me go. I went to conferences and took notes and entered contests and rewrote my query a million times. I did everything humanly possible to understand—really, truly understand—how this game works, how this story works, how we fit into things.

Then, a miracle: an agent loved my book enough to offer representation. Since signing with the wonder that is Laura Crockett, I have traveled a million miles in just a few months. (Kind of literally, since I had a huge trip to India right in the middle of all this).

It was so crazy. Revisions, and submission, and hoping and despairing and bouncing between high and low, high and low. Caught between manic flights of euphoria and black days of wondering what the point was.

I’m going to annoy all of you and just say it: It really only does take one “yes.”


Doctor Who Yes animated GIF


Now I can finally, finally, finally say that my YA trilogy, TIMEKEEPER, is going to be published by Sky Pony Press. The first book comes out fall of 2016. Here’s the official announcement:

Timekeeper announcement

I’ve learned recently how scary and exhilarating it is to trust someone else with your story, but if that someone loves your characters and world as much as you do, like my editor Alison Weiss does, then you are gold. I’m thrilled to be in this situation, to learn more, to see where everything goes from here.

I’ve written thousands, if not millions, of words.

But I never imagined that the doorway to my dream would appear with just four.


Currently 6/2/15


Disneyland. I just went to the 60th Anniversary Diamond Celebration and it was so magical! My favorite part, aside from the glittering castle, was the new Paint the Night parade. I grew up with the Electrical Parade, and this is like that one but on steroids. So beautiful.


THE WRATH AND THE DAWN by Renée Ahdieh. Such a lovely book. I love the poetic elegance of it, and the way she twists the tale of 1001 Arabian Nights. Oh, and the food descriptions and out of this world.


Gravity Falls. I’ve been seeing commercials for this one for a while, but now that I’m actually sitting down to watch it, I love it! It’s so funny and clever, not to mention creative.


Aside from the usual (my book playlists, etc.), I’ve been listening to the Bend it Like Beckham soundtrack a lot. Growing up, I went to a lot of Indian parties with loud Indian music, and I hated it. But when I get to listen to Indian music on my own (especially Bhangra), I love it a lot more. That’s the introvert in me, I guess!


All together now: Timekeeper. Always Timekeeper. Every single waking (and sometimes sleeping) moment. I’ve been playing around with my Pinterest Board a lot and working on revisions for book 2.


The all-clear.


That time could go a little faster. Or that I can transport myself back to Disneyland.


My awesome new tea mug, the giant stack of books I have to read, my friends who are getting into Harry Potter for the first time (yuss), Parks and Rec reruns.