How Characters Think (and How to Think Like Them)

Sometimes, we react in ways that seem unlikely, but actually prove who we are as characters. Take, for example, the ballad of “My Father and the Infomercial King.”

For those who don’t know, Billy Mays was an infomercial Olympian who repeatedly appeared on television to shout at you. You would be calmly watching a rerun of your favorite sitcom when all of a sudden, bam, his bearded face was there to scream about the latest cleaning product.

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Connecting with Characters

“What’s your favorite part about writing?”

Simple—my characters. Who doesn’t enjoy relating to fictional people? They show us truths and flaws about ourselves we may not have previously understood. When you write your own characters, you shouldn’t just describe an interesting person, but allow the reader to see why they’re interesting in the first place.

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